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Electric garage doors provide the ultimate in luxury for any home. Almost any garage door can benefit from electric operation and here at Carrera Doors, we provide a superior range of electric garage doors that can be adapted to perfectly suit your premises.

We only use the very latest in modern technology in order to provide you with an electric garage door that works smoothly every time, ensuring that you can access your garage with ease no matter what the weather!

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Our range of affordable, functional electrical garage doors are designed around you – after all, it’s you who’ll be using them. Once designed, our team will come to your home and fit your new electric garage door without difficulty, before demonstrating how it works for you. No matter which material works best for your home’s existing aesthetic, we are best placed to advise you on the most suitable garage door for your needs.

Remote Control Garage Doors

Of course, choosing to have an electric garage door installed means that you can take full advantage of its remote control option. After all, we know that no one wants to get out of their car in the wind or rain to open their garage door! A remote control means that you can open your garage from the comfort of your vehicle, making entering and exiting your garage so much easier.

Remote control garage doors provide the same security and safety benefits as our electric garage doors, and are designed and built using the most advanced technology, materials and components available. Well insulated, durable and safe, they provide the perfect barrier for intruders and thanks to our use of obstruction control sensors, you can rest assured that pets and children are not at risk from the door trapping fingers or toes.

So if you’d like to find out more about our range of electric and remote controlled garage doors, why not give us a call and talk to a member of our team?

All of our garage doors come in a variety of colours, take a look at our different colour options.

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