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Up and over garage doors are an incredibly popular choice of garage door and here at Carrera Doors, we know that our customers choose them as a result of their simplicity and ease of operation. If you’re looking for a garage door that will allow you to access your garage without difficulty while remaining robust and durable, our range of up and over garage doors could be for you.

versatile Up and over garage doors

We supply and install two main styles of up and over garage doors, and these are canopy and retractable doors. These doors are very similar in operation, but they differ as a result of their appearance once open.

Canopy garage doors, for example, are so-called thanks to the small section of the door that protrudes from the roof of your garage when the door is open. These up and over doors are ideally suited to garages that are narrower than 8 feet. On the other hand, retractable garage doors retract fully into your garage when open, and are more suited to larger garages that are wider than 8 feet.

Up and over garage doors designs

No matter which door you choose, our team will be happy to discuss your options and will carry out a thorough assessment of your garage space. We will also fully measure your garage to ensure that your chosen garage door fits and operates smoothly in your space.

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